Friends with Benefits

Last night as I was sitting a table with a group of people I know and love, that saying came to me, and I thought what does it really mean?

I feel a little special to have such great friends; especially since I think good relationship skills is something we tend to take for granted.  My mother once told me if I could count the number of good friends I have on one hand, then I was a very lucky woman indeed.  Well, I’ve made it past one hand and on to the other, so I guess I can consider myself double lucky.

I had a fantastic evening with some really wonderful friends last night – my extremely talented pal Robin, throws pairing evenings at his bar – we get 4-5 food courses, all paired with a pint of beer (or glass or wine or whisky, whatever the night is focused on).  We spent the evening catching up, laughing, drinking a wee little too much, and delighting in the wonderful meal that was laid out before us.  The mood at our table was happy, and a smile was plastered all over my face.

I have been feeling a little down lately, for no particular reason, maybe its the weather; but I havent been wanting to go out as much, and my couch and me have become quite good friends.  Despite my pleading to beg off of a social engagement or two, my better half encouraged to get out and see my friends.  It will make you feel better he said! And as always, it seems my boyfriend was right. After spending a few hours laughing so hard my sides hurt, I really was feeling better; I felt grounded, and once again sure of myself.

Having the benefit of friends, people who are there to pick you up when you are down, or cheer you on as you pass that personal finish line, is priceless.  Make new friends, and keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.