Oh Happy Day, we found a couch.

So if you know me, you know my biggest stress these past few months (asides from moving in with my boyfriend) has been trying to find that perfect couch.  Much as I love shopping, I have detested couch shopping.  This is the first time my boyfriend and I looked to purchase a large item together. We had previously cut our buying teeth on the purchase of an Ikea bed (see my Ikea post)

” This one is too firm, this one is too soft”  ” this one is just WAY too small, this one is too big!”

Store after store, nothing seemed to meet both my requirements, and my boyfriends desires.  I want something modern, sectional components with a flip chaise so that its really functional and easy to move around the condo. He wants something firm, yet comfortable with a high back to rest his neck on for watching TV. Our current couch is 93″ across the back, and I wanted to try to get us down to something in the 88″ range, and my boyfriend couldn’t care less about how large the couch was, as long as he has a nice armrest to relax next too.

Taking the advice of a gal pal, we started off at Urban Barn. Let me just tell you, I could write an entire post, or two or three about that store.  I had never previously entered an Urban Barn, for some reason I was under the impression it was very cookie cutter and above my price range. Surprise, Surprise for me, cause it was totally my style and totally affordable. So anyways, we looked around and found a couch that we immediately were drawn too, however it had two fall backs  It was 93″ across the back and there was no chaise pillow to be seen.

We both loved the colour ( polo smoke grey) and the seating pillows were like that bowl of porridge Goldilocks finally settles on, just right. However, there were several problems.  One, there was no chaise pillow to be seen.  The  saleslady assured me that there was an extension ottoman and flip chaise pillow that could be ordered with the couch, but the store itself didn’t have those items on the floor, and I wasn’t prepared to lay down all that cash for my first ever grown up furniture purchase without having seen and sat on it first.  We looked at a few other couches in the store, but nothing else really sparked our attention in the same way, and we left empty-handed.

So began the 3 month-long search for that perfect couch.  I had an idea in my head of what it looked like, I had all the measurements, I had the colour.  What I did not have, was a couch.  We visited the designer chains, hit the trendy condo furniture stores, we even tried the big department stores like Leons, and The Brick. We found nothing.

Every weekend, come saturday afternoon I would drag my poor man out of bed as early as possible to lug him to countless stores that provided to only further frustrate us. We came close to finding a great couch one day – the length, colour, style, and cushion firmness all matched up – but the sectional add-on wasn’t the most flattering, and the back was really low.  Plus once we factored in the add on warranty ( Urban Barn includes one in their prices FYI), we realized that this couch was above what we wanted to pay, and we didn’t love it that much. In the back of our minds, that original Manhattan couch was still there, and we didn’t seem to be able to let go of it.  Without seeing the chaise first though, we were hesitant to commit to such a large purchase (custom orders are final sale) and so began what I like to call my own personal hell.

Frustrated, and met with disappointment, I found myself driving out to Urban Barn’s Clearance Centre every Tuesday, hoping to find a gem at half price to fall in love with.  Despite not finding another style we loved in store, I somehow convinced myself to continue going to Urban Barn – their warranty, and standard coverage far surpassed anywhere else we went, and I really loved their easy-going modern/contemporary style. As time passed however, and the second month slipped us by,  I was becoming more and more depressed – we were never going to find a couch.

Then, last week the impossible happened.  We were downtown together, and checking out some sofa stores we hadn’t yet our way down too, when we passed by an Urban Barn.  Lets go in there ONE more time, my boyfriend pleaded. ( I should mention at this point, that my sweetie had been trying to convince me to just say yes to that Manhattan couch, and I like the stubborn fool I am, kept insisting there must be something else out there for us, as I couldn’t visually see the chaise)

The Manhattan couch was sitting smack dab in the middle of the showroom, and as always, we were both immediately drawn to it.  A really nice salesman ( who already knew us from our previous visit) came over to say hello.  “Back again?” he says. I say “Yes, we are STILL looking, and somehow my boyfriend hasn’t dumped me yet, shocked?” Rather than tease, he kindly asks what keep holding us back from the purchase. I explain that I although we love the sofa, we are unsure of purchasing such a large backed couch with an additional chaise if we cannot visually SEE the chaise first. As silly as it sounds, I have this fear of purchasing an add-on chaise, and then not being happy with the dimension of it when it arrives. “Oh, is that all? You want to see the pillow?”  YES YES YES YES, OMG YES.  And without hesitation, my knight in shining armour (otherwise known as Ben) proceeds to head to the back room, where he not only pulls out the elusive chaise pillow, but switches out the couch pillow, converting my Manhattan couch to the sectional of my dreams!!!!

After dozens of stores, and 3 months worth of searching…..we finally ended up settling on the first couch we saw.  Why you ask? Because out of 7 different Urban Barn Stores that I went to visit, and dozens of salespeople assisting me, only one had the foresight to give me what I wanted, visual confirmation that I was making the correct choice.  Thank you Ben.  I really hope your boss somehow sees this post and gives you a gold star.