Good things growing

Balcony Update!
So, I have been taking pictures of my balcony and its journey from cold, sterile concrete to a lush paradise. I have had some ups and downs, and most of all surprises! First off, my cherry tomato plant. We started off the season fantastically, then my poor plant was attacked by all these tiny little white bugs (chime in here please if you can identify these horrid creatures.) My big, beautiful plant was eaten alive, and I had no idea what to do.  A family friend suggested putting some flour on the underside of the leaves in an attempt to keep the bugs away without having to resort to a pesticide. ( which I am totally against) Although the flour worked, it also created a paste of good that stuck not only to the bugs, but the leaves and branches as well. My poor plant was left with dozens of dead leaves, and twigs and is now a ghost of its former self.  Funny and lucky for me, the plant still continued throughout and still is producing a good handful of sweet small tomatoes for me everyday. Below are photos taken from 2 weeks ago and one taken this morning. Sad, isn’t it.
Similarly, my larger tomato plant also has suffered from some bugs, and 2 weeks of hot hot weather took its toll on the leaves. Although it too continues to produce, its foliage is lacking.















On the flip side of things, my Fig Tree has been growing like crazy!! Although its yet to produce anything edible, the height has doubled in size in just two months and I’m ecstatic. My boyfriend’s parents and grandparents ( all avid fig growers) have all assured me that young plants generally don’t fruit in the first few years, and they are all pleasantly surprised to see how tall my fickle fig plant has grown on my balcony. ( I think they were slightly doubtful I could pull it off.)  Look how tall it is!








The rest of my garden has been growing more or less without issue. All of my herbs have fared splendidly, as you can see from the photos below, and my strawberry plant (although small) has been producing some small and sweet table strawberries.  Overall, I’m really pleased with the way that everything has turned out.  Keeping a garden has kept me semi productive, and really refreshed my spirit and energy.  Nothing is more enjoyable to us then spending a late afternoon on the balcony watching the sunset, surrounded by our own green paradise from 25 floors up. 🙂