The Ikea Love Affair

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new condo together, taking that next step in life by combing our two.  Thanks to the aid of friends and family, our move went off relatively well, there were no serious injuries sustained, and aside from a broken dresser drawer (which I was able to fix with some wood glue), what furniture we had made it there safe and sound.  The next step after unpacking all of our crap was to make our first shared purchase together; it was a toss up between bed and couch. (More on the couch later, as that search is still on)

Both of us were huge fans of a tufted fabric headboard in a nice neutral gray, but everything we were looking at was twice the price of what we wanted to pay.  What we really NEEDED was a bed with storage – both of us are clothing/shoe whores, and although our new closet is a walk in, it is by no means HUGE.  Despite the closet, and a gorgeous 6 drawer vintage dresser I DIY’d (check out mypost on that!), we are still really short on space! Rather than purchase two items for the bedroom (storage and a bed) we agreed that combining the two and getting a bed with under storage made the most financial sense.  After a month long search, hours of driving back and forth to endless stores with overpriced crap, we ended up at a very familiar spot, IKEA.

Ikea is one of the places that I can’t seem to stay away from.  On a rainy day, the big blue box beckons to me; the well priced lighting & furniture, the cheap little kitchen accessories, the great smelling hall of candles I cant seem to not buy at least ONE from.  Everything in IKEA just seems so easy and convenient. (Not to mention it’s a 5min drive away!)

So on Sunday, my boyfriend and mutually found and agreed upon a bed at IKEA that met all of our requirements: it had storage under the bed, it had storage in the headboard (which is conveniently slanted for reading, and watching T.V. and it came with reason on our budget scale. As much as I was originally against the idea of purchasing our big items at Ikea, in the end I’m really pleased with how the bed turned out. It looks modern, and its saving us space in our bedroom; not to mention the price leaves us with some extra funding to push towards a our other big purchase, the couch.

5 hours, 2 people, and 1 big bruise later, our bed was complete. I am the proud owner of an ikea bed, and still alive to boast about it.


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